Tree-Purposed is our effort to recycle and repurpose as much of our tree debris as possible.  We do this in several ways, producing raw materials and finished products – click here to visit our store!

– Milling large logs into lumber and live edge slabs
– Cutting and splitting smaller logs into firewood and smoking wood
– Free delivery of wood chips –  These are not mulch quality like you find in a bag at home depot.  These are straight from our chipper.

Our products include:

– Kiln dried dimensional lumber – custom milling to your specifications available upon request
– Kiln dried slabs, small, large, and unique slabs
– Firewood, split and sorted by species, bonfire wood, smoking wood chunks

Custom Works:
– Book shelves and custom shelving
– Coffee tables, end tables, dining tables
– Desks, conference tables
– Bar tops, restaurant furniture
– Mosaic walls
– Anything you can think up!  We love to work on new designs!

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