Crane Assisted Beech Tree Removal – Livonia, MI

I was called to inspect this beech tree on a property in Livonia, MI.  Upon inspection, I discovered a cavity at the base of the trunk, several rotten branch unions in the upper canopy, and a hollow mid-trunk.  The tree leaned heavily toward the house, and with three known weak spots, I made a recommendation to remove the tree.

I proposed to remove this tree with the assistance of a crane for several reasons:

  • Safety – The tree had multiple weak spots. Rigging the tree down conventionally off itself would put extra stress on the weak spots, putting the climber and property at risk.
  • Low Impact – There wasn’t direct access to the back yard.  The only way out of the back yard was down steps and up a hill through the neighbor’s landscape.  Hauling the tree out this way would have caused lawn and landscape damage to the homeowner’s and neighbor’s property.
  • Efficiency – With the help of the crane the tree was removed and cleaned up in 5 hours.  Removing this tree conventionally would have taken much longer and cost the homeowner more money.

In conclusion this tree removal was made more safe, efficient, cost effective, and had less impact on the surrounding landscape by utilizing the crane.

Below are pictures of the rot and the removal process, click a thumbnail to view a slideshow.


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