Crane Assisted Oak Tree Removal – West Bloomfield, MI

This oak tree sat behind a garage in West Bloomfield, MI. It had been improperly pruned in the past. The interior and lower branches of the tree had been stripped, creating a lions-tail effect.

Some negative effects of lion’s tailing are:

  • Too much foliage is removed, compromising the health of the tree
  • Uneven weight distribution, leaves too much weight at the branch tips
  • Exposes the inner portion of the tree to sun-scald
  • Triggers fast growing watersprouts, wasting the tree’s energy
  • The tree may become hazardous as the branches become weak and break

Access to this tree was very limited. The area under and around tree was thick with underbrush and saplings. The house and garage were built into a hillside, blocking any direct route to the tree. We were able to preserve the natural area under the tree by removing it with a crane.

This time lapse video was shot to help our customers better understand the crane removal process.


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