Precision Tree Removal – Bloomfield Hills, MI

This home in Bloomfield Hills was recently purchased by a client.  They were concerned about a large red oak tree behind the house.  The previous owner had build a deck around the tree.  Upon inspection, I discovered a hollow at the base of the tree.  This hollow was probably the result of construction damage many years ago.  I recommended immediate removal for several reasons:

  • The hollow at the base of the tree was filled with brick and mortar – this is an outdated technique that does not stop decay.  It also prevented me from seeing the full extent of the hollow during inspection.
  • The tree had heavy lean towards the house – seeking more sunlight, the tree was rapidly growing out over the house to soak up the sun.
  • The proximity to the home and deck – if this tree were to fail at any point, it would come down hard directly onto the house.

All of these factors made the decision to remove the tree a no-brainer.   With the assistance of a 28-ton crane,  we  were able to remove this tree with extreme precision.  Its location would have made it very challenging for an inexperienced or ill-equipped crew.

Below are pictures that show the tree removal process, click a thumbnail to view a slideshow.


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