Sugar Maple Restoration – Bloomfield, MI

Acer saccharum is a maple species native to the northeastern region of North America. Known for its sap, which can be used to produce maple syrup, its common name is Sugar Maple.

This sugar maple stands tall alongside the driveway of a beautiful lot in Bloomfield, MI. Lush dark green foliage in the spring/summer give way to bright yellow and orange fall colors. The tree provides beauty throughout the year.

I was preforming shrub and hedge trimming on the property when I noticed a serious defect in the maple. The tree had codominant stems. As the tree aged, the two stems had grown together, eventually they pushed apart, which formed a split. The homeowner was notified of the split and was sad to learn the tree could fail at anytime. I informed the client there was no way to predict when the tree would fail, but steps could be taken to reinforce the structure and mitigate the chances of failure.

I proposed and implemented a restoration plan that included:

  • Pruning – Remove all deadwood and preform light crown thinning and elevation. This will remove any unnecessary weight from the tree. Less weight will reduce the chances of failure.
  • Cabling – Install two 3/8 steel cables in a crossing pattern. This will keep the two stems from pulling apart, instead both stems will move in sync with one another.
  • Bracing – Install two steel rods through the split trunk. This will increase trunk strength by holding the split together.

Below are pictures of the installation of the cabling and bracing. Click a thumbnail to view a slide show.


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