Tree Removal

Our goal is to make a tree removal plan that fits each customer’s expectations and budget.

Tree removals, big and small, are dangerous and should be handled by a professional. We have the skills, equipment, and experience to remove your tree safely.

There are many different ways to remove a tree. Traditionally, trees in an urban environment need to be dismantled by climbing or using a lift. Branches and logs can be lowered safely to the ground to avoid damaging property, lawn, and landscape. If the customer is on a tight budget or looking for value, branches and logs can be cut and dropped causing minor lawn damage but speeding up the process and saving money.

When trees are very close to a house or surrounded by pristine lawn and landscape we recommend using a crane. The crane is used to lift large sections of the tree and set it down safely in a landing zone such as a driveway or street. This method has the least impact on your property.

Felling a tree whole is fast and economical. If the job site is large enough this option can save time and money. Evan is an expert faller and can drop the tree in a manner that will cause the least damage to surrounding lawn, trees, shrubs, ect.

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